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The experience that Tasha provided at her Yin Yoga Retreat went far beyond what I thought a yoga retreat would be. She mindfully led us through a day of pure detachment; detachment from distraction, detachment from the woes of the world, and detachment from all the negative aspects of day to day life. From the moment we entered her scared space, it was filled with kindness and intention. The morning yoga session was as nourishing as the healthy snacks and lunch provided for us. The ionic foot bath gave us all time to gently reflect on areas of ourselves that we have been actively improving, and those that still need attention. The afternoon yoga session and meditation took us all to a place of ultimate surrender and relaxation- it takes a special person to be able to provide such a safe and comforting space such as that. Overall, the day was filled with love and care for each person in attendance. I found myself in a state of genuine presence of mind throughout the whole day. I think our whole group could collectively agree that even if just for a day, we found our inner peace through Tasha’s guidance. My endless gratitude goes out to you, Tasha! 

Bailey Sande ~ Client

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